Job Description
Account Manager

Our Account Manager will make sure that Voodoo Park provides the best relationships with our customers. They will make sure that every client need is exceeded and all projects are completed on time, with all the requirements met. Our account manager will also be responsible for account growth. You will be responsible for increasing profit, cross selling and also upselling to our clients and potential customers.

Voodoo Park is one of the fastest growing agencies in London and we pride ourselves for being an amazing place to work. Not only do we create and invent really cool things for our customers, we do good in the world by volunteering and give our employees time to look after their mental and physical health. We know life is busy which is why we encourage working from home, flexible hours, and also have our very own charity championing under-represented groups in technology. So, come and join an amazing team full of clever people doing clever things in the digital and data space and look forward to Mondays again.





  • Manage all customer relations across the partner portfolio.
  • Be responsible for all commercial aspects of the customer relationship e.g agreeing day rates, negotiating project costs, negotiating support costs etc.
  • The role will require travelling to customer premises and potentially some international travel.
  • Responsible for the customer satisfaction and ensuring the customer is always top priority.
  • You will be expected to have KPIs based on customer commercials and also customer feedback.
  • You will need to be able to develop a strong relationship with key stakeholders, which will require entertaining outside of office hours.




  • The role will require managing one or more partners – depending on the size of the account.
  • Be responsible for ensuring all legal contracts, frameworks and statements of work are up-to-date and signed.
  • Sit across the account from pre-sales right through to Business And Usual and offer support.
  • Regular account updates to be delivered to internal stakeholders.

General Responsibilities

  • You will work remotely from home and work your own hours.
  • You will be responsible for key account activities, such as a monthly meeting to update the customer.
  • You will be working closely with everyone in the Voodoo Park team, particularly the project manager.
  • You will be in charge of senior stakeholder management for the customer and internally at Voodoo Park.
  • You will engage with and vote on UP, Voodoo Park’s democratic ethos.

Skills & Experience

  • Clear and concise written and spoken communication skills
  • Must be friendly and customer facing
  • Must be skilled with delivering regular presentations to clients and staff.
  • Skills in conflict resolution are essential and must be comfortable with sometimes having to deliver bad news if things don’t go to plan.
  • Experience with customer facing projects
  • Experience in project management is essential.
  • Experience in multitasking and working with multiple teams is desirable.
  • Some technical knowledge would be ideal.
  • Knowledge with customers and being able to anticipate their needs.