Meet The Team

David Glennie


David Glennie is the CEO of Voodoo Park. Since founding the digital agency five years ago he has worked closely with his brother and CTO, Peter Glennie, to get the business to blossom. David’s diverse career prior to this includes eight years as an actor followed by forming and playing in a band while working for the National Autistic Society.


Over time, it became clear to David that he was most passionate about working in the technology industry and studied for a degree at the Open University in Computing. During this time, he gained valuable experience at a number of software and technology companies. David decided to take the plunge and start his own company after the sale of Mobile Interactive Group, where he had been Group Product Director and Chief Innovation Officer.


David is responsible for the strategy and performance of Voodoo Park. He particularly enjoys using his expert knowledge to advise key clients. He is seen as the heart of the company and takes pride in ensuring that all employees receive maximum reward for their consistently excellent contribution.


David’s vision for his company has always been positive change through problem solving and making life easier for clients and their customers. This mission remains central to everything that Voodoo Park does. Although he didn’t start out in the technology industry, David prides himself in the fact that he is part of something that has meaning and can have a positive influence on the world.

Rachel Grigg

Founder/Managing Director

Rachel Grigg is a co-founder and Managing Director of Voodoo Park. She works closely with the CEO and CTO to direct the growth of the company’s creative vision. Rachel has a background in Archaeology but she found her love for the world of technology through working at a mix of corporate and startup companies. A highpoint includes working for Vodafone during the cutting-edge data revolution when she helped with the launch of the first iPhone. Rachel’s career has included work on planning and deal making with huge social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace and feels fortunate to have worked in the space ‘before being social was even a thing’.


Before working at Voodoo Park, Rachel spent a number of years leading an agency team to deliver one of the largest corporate applications ever for an industry leading client. She and her team were able to ensure every task and target was completed to the highest possible standard. She takes great pride in the fact that this app went on to have 15 million downloads.


Rachel values the fact the she has learnt absolutely everything she knows about the digital and tech industry on the job. She passionately believes that women bring a whole new dynamic to technology and takes every opportunity to help promote their success and celebrate the work they do.

Peter Glennie


Peter Glennie is the CTO at Voodoo Park and works closely with his brother David to take care of the technical direction of the company. His role involves technological decision making – the how and why of what to use and how to use it. By liaising with clients and overseeing projects in the early stages of their development, Peter finds the technical solutions that clients need to solve their business problems.


While studying for his Music degree, Peter became fascinated with the potential of the – then very young – internet and knew that a career in technology was for him. His initial work for a music software company allowed him to move into the technical world, where he taught himself everything he knows about development, project and people management, and how to collaborate with non-technical clients. He has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors, including the NHS.


Peter prides himself on never dealing with clients on a too-technical level that lacks clarity. He recognises the importance of talking in depth to agree exactly what is needed before translating the work into the technical guidance needed by the Voodoo Park developers.

Duncan Finlay


Duncan is the Chief Sales and Marketing officer of Voodoo Park.  He is responsible for all customer and client facing activity, from Marketing, lead gen and PR, right through to client services and account management. He is inspired by finding new and interesting ways to fix problems, even if it means a bumpy road to get there. Duncan has a degree in Business Marketing and a postgrad CIM diploma in Marketing. He joined Voodoo Park after completing over 15 years at Vodafone, where he led a number of teams and functions across the entire marketing and commercial mix in both Consumer and Enterprise business units.

During that time, he was right at the forefront of such industry milestones, such as Vodafone Live!, 3G + 4G, the explosion of the mobile internet through smartphones, tablets and laptops, and the birth of Unified and Converged communications, Broadband and TV.  His history has very much been leading programmes that disrupt, challenge and break the ‘business as usual’ way of doing things. “That’s the way we’ve always done it” has never been a phrase Duncan has been particularly fond of.

It wasn’t just the huge potential, talent and drive of the company and people at Voodoo Park that attracted Duncan out of corporate life. It was also Voodoo Park’s desire to not just follow the same path as everyone else, but to strive to be a genuine force for good in the world; unlocking human potential at both a company and personal level by solving difficult problems with clever solutions.