Data Driven Digital Creativity

Voodoo Park are all about being brilliant data centric digital marketing innovators. We aim to unlock the full potential of our partners and their customers by providing a wide range of services from predictive analytics platforms, through to digital design and creativity to strategic marketing consultancy, all built on one core promise: Using deep data to deliver true insights and enable great business decision making.

Our Approach

Voodoo Park takes pride in being able to solve thorny digital issues for a wide range of customers, in multiple industries. From complex analytics, right through to front end digital strategy and design, Voodoo Park combines decades of cross-industry know how with a human-led approach to ensure the innovative technical solutions they deliver are grounded firmly in the realm of real life.

Using the mantra “don’t think you know, know you know” as a starting point for every project they embark on, Voodoo Park works hard to develop a deep understanding of a customer’s world, both technically and personally. Voodoo Park enables clients to unlock their full potential through solving problems on any scale. We focus on generating not just data, but true human insight which we use to underpin the results we have, delivering for clients such as BD Medical, Subway and Lumesse

Our Strategy

Positioned where creativity in design meets functionality and innovation, we are passionate about creating beautiful digital destinations that elevate our clients’ brands. Combined with technical expertise and intelligence in strategy, we deliver platforms that are both engaging and perfectly marry content & commerce. Our experience and digital credentials allows us to challenge the traditional boundaries and drive our clients’ brand engagement and commercial success, ensuring they remain the forefront of their chosen industry.

We enjoy working collboratively as an extension of our clients’ digital & marketing teams and believe that the understanding and synergy this creates greatly improves our performance and, more importantly, the end result. Our approach is to build a lasting relationship where we are able to help our clients thrive on an ongoing basis.