Better Technology

Founded in 2012, VDP has built a reputation for delivering large-scale technology solutions that meet complex challenges. Working with some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world, we create business critical technology that is loved by the people that use it. Through our work, our values and our actions we aim to be a force for good, not just for ourselves and our customers, but for our communities and the world at large.

We can no longer pretend that business models and practices of the 20th century are fit to meet the challenges of the 21st. We need a new model for how businesses interact with the world to influence and improve it. A model that acknowledges our challenges, opportunities and obligations. We wanted to make a difference, so we made VDP.”David Glennie - CEO

The VDP Trust

We recently launched the VDP Trust, a registered charity that aims to create opportunities for disadvantaged women around the world by increasing access to finance, training & support services for those starting up or growing their businesses. Find out more about the VDP Trust here.

Our Rights

Everyone that works at VDP has these four rights:

  • 01 The right to work anywhere we choose

    We provided coworking spaces for anyone who wants them, but we don’t have offices in the traditional sense. Our Headquarters are in London and Dublin but we’re a global company with a global perspective. Our employees can work from home, or an office, in any country in the world.

  • 02 The right to prioritise our family and wellbeing over our work

    Modern life can be hard sometimes and it’s easy to forget that everyone has more on their plate than we can see. That’s why VDP people are free to decide where they need to be and who needs them most. They also get what we call ‘YooDoo’, time off to support their physical, mental and emotional health. No notice required, no questions asked. Sometimes we need to be somewhere else.

  • 03 The right to be treated as well as our customers

    We do a lot for our customers and actively look for ways of adding value to their experience with us. Each member of the team has the right to the same consideration and imaginative kindness.

  • 04 The right to be heard

    If we have something to say there’s always a way to say it, through regular town halls and team meetings or by sending an email to our in house AI, Aime, who will route comments to the most appropriate person with absolute discretion and with anonymity if required.

Our Values

Our rights are underpinned by a set of values that enable them. We aim to demonstrate these values in our interactions with our customers and each other.


Collaboration ensures that decisions are made as close as possible to the people they affect. Being able to work with people who have a different perspective is one of the skills we value highly at VDP


At VDP, our people are known for their kindness and thoughtfulness, and our compassion is a key to creating the kind of work culture we all want. We all want to be treated with kindness, and we can be so long as we live up to this value.


We respect others by being honest if we are struggling so that together, issues can be fixed. We give visibility on our whereabouts and the status of our work so that others are not left in the dark.


Inclusion is how we all ensure the contributions, presence, and perspectives of different groups of people are valued and integrated into Voodoo Park. The team you work in can contain people fr​​om all parts of the world and all backgrounds. Voodoo Park is committed to diversity, making sure that our business represents people from across the global community. We are registered Disability Confident employers and actively seek applicants from the widest range of communities.

ISTQB Gold Partnership

We have been awarded an ISTQB Gold partnership, in recognition of our demonstrated commitment to software testing certification for our team. All of VDP’s test engineers are trained and certified in globally recognised testing standards which is a crucial part of ensuring we both invest in our people and provide only the very best quality technology solutions.