For some of our clients these have been uniquely challenging times. Adjusting to new economic realities and working conditions with no notice or any clear idea of what will happen next has put huge stress on businesses.

We’ve tried to help. Wherever possible we’ve done what we can to defend our customers’ interests and help them keep moving forward. We’ve also tried to do our bit for the wider community.

For the past eight years VDP has been a full work from home business. Every one of our developers, designers, testers, project managers, business analysts and even the C-Suite works from home. What started as a desire to attract a broader range of talent and reduce our carbon footprint, has become our biggest USP. For customers who have sprint teams (teams of VDP developers that work directly on client programmes of work) this has been a real benefit. Not a single hour of development time was lost, not a single meeting rescheduled. Everything ran just as it always had. This has been so beneficial that several of our customers are looking at increasing their use of our sprint teams to create a disaster proof technical delivery team. 

The same applies to project customers, those for whom we are building technology (platforms, website and Apps). Our unique set up of face to face account management and geographically distributed delivery has meant not one of our projects has slipped by a single day since the crisis began.

As well as helping our customers we’ve tried to do our bit to support our communities during these difficult times. Every employee at VDP gets 4 Hours a week they can take off to spend time with family, go shopping, go to the gym or whatever they like to do to benefit their mental health.  We call it YooDoo, which became more important during the pandemic to give people time to support their communities. VDP people are running foodbanks, visiting neighbours, raising funds for hospitals and shopping for the elderly. 

One of our developers, Balázs, went one better and has built a video teaching platform for Hungarian schools. Most platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft teams don’t have Hungarian user interfaces, appropriate security or the ability to deal with lower bandwidth users. Balazs’s platform has all of these features and won the prestigious Hack the Pandemic competition. It has now been picked up by the Hungarian Government for further development.