Laszlo Szegedi

Job title

Software Engineer

A fun fact about me

I have lived in Debrecen for almost 15 years. I'm the father of two boys (1.5 and 3.5 years old). I like everything related to basketball or european football. I'm a Real Madrid fan. I have played basketball for more than 20 years. I'm a Milwaukee Bucks fan. I don't know why - 3 years ago maybe I was the only Bucks fan in Europe!

The thing I love most about my job

It is varied, complex, exciting and as a full stack developer, I never become bored because I am always working on new parts of our projects. I also work with a great team and can work from anywhere!

My favourite song

I've no favourite but I like the modern Irish Pub music. e.g. Paddy And The Rats. It's a Hungarian Irish Pub Band.