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Solving the big problems

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Not all problems can be fixed with off-the-shelf solutions, not all opportunities can be exploited with off-the-shelf thinking.

Voodoo Park builds strategic digital assets that solve the complex problems facing modern business. Over the last seven years we’ve invented, designed, delivered and supported websites, mobile apps, middleware and platforms for some of the biggest (and smallest!) companies in the world.

Our strategic thinking has built new businesses, disrupted ecosystems, uncovered new opportunities and averted disasters.

Our technology is used worldwide by almost every business sector.


“Voodoo Park’s engineers delivered a globally scalable platform, across desktop and mobile, capable of handling huge scale and complexity. Their approach and dedication were outstanding. We couldn’t have done it without them.”
CEO – Social network

“I was amazed how quickly Voodoo Park were able to understand our business. The solution they created in just 4 weeks has changed the way both we and our customers view this problem, and will be a key disruptor in our industry. Voodoo were a great team to work with. They have loads of energy and curiosity and they know how to make hard work fun – even when it’s tax! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and creative innovation partner.”
Partner – Global tax consultancy

“I felt very confident with the project because they knew where we were going, had an answer to every question, and they truly understand the digital world. They have been very flexible as well, and never let us down. Everything seems easy when they are on our side.”
Senior Manager – Global medical technology provider

Voodoo Park
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